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Guest Speakers:

1. Quentin Leung - Head of IT, Bowtie Life Insurance

2. Amy Kwan - General Manager, ICO Technology Limited

3. Percy Lee - Percy Lee, Solution Consultant at Opentext

4. Bill Li - Senior Presales Consultant at OpenText

Attended Members

1. Matey Yordanov- Co-Founder at ANTEI Limited

2. Roger Wong- Chief Information Officer at the Education University of Hong Kong

3. Andrew Davidson- CTO at VDX

4. Micro Bauer- CISO at VDX

5. Ravel Lai- CIO / Executive Director at Uni-China Group

6. Darron Sun- Head of Information Technology at Hong Kong Housing Society

7. Ken Wong- Senior Manager (Application Architecture) at Hong Kong Housing Society

8. Stephanie Li - Associate Director, Science, Innovation and Technology at Department for Business and Trade UK

9. Alex Wu - Chief Architect & Digital Head at livi bank

10. Chris Lam- CTO at Spaceship

11. Victor Yim- Head of Fintech at Cyberport Hong Kong

12. Allan Tsang- Senior Advisor and International Lead Negotiation Coach at Rapid Research Evaluation

13. Ella Cheong- Senior Parter at ELLLALAN

14. Tracy Ho- Head of Communications and Public Relations at Blockchain & Climate Institute

15. Raymond Chan- Vice-Chairman at IFTA

16. Jacqueline Teo- Chief Executive Officer at Astrafons - Board Consulting and Advisory

17. Vincent Chan- Partner at Appleby

18. Calvin Craig- CEO-Director at ThaiGer Ventures (HK) Limited

19. Sunaina Chand - Founder and CEO at Vivaz Fine Jewelry

20. David Yim- Owner at Prodigy International (Property Investment)

21. JB Deal - Principal Consultant & CEO at Avantagents

22. Anthony Lam- Managing Director at Mstong Partners Healthcare Limited

23. Don Wong- Senior Vice President, Information Technology at PANASIAN

24. Sandy Tai- Founder & CRO at TAI DELICIOUS FOOD

25. Jonathan Forest - Group CIO at Zetland Fiduciary Group

26. Suraj Kundamal- CEO at Texcon ltd

27. Spencer Leung- Chief Risk Officer at Livi Bank Limited

28. Yvonne Leung- Chief Executive at Ant Bank HK

29. Jacky Leung- Founder and Chairman at Royal Family Office

30. John Keane- Founder at Systems Coaching Academy Limited

31. Ivan Leung- KPI commercial Consultacy services company limited at Director

32. Kelvin Chan - 環球醫聯控股集團和環球醫聯產業平台 ( at Chief Executive Officer

33. Hermione Lam- COO at Boway Production Limited

34. Xyras To - Founding Partner at XIIX

35. Michelle Kwan- Director at 媄之善堂国际顾问有限公司

36. Kathy Man- Managing Director at VAT

37. Cermain Cheung- Owner at Oldham, Li & Nie

38. Philip Tam- Chief Information Officer - Asia at VEOLIA China Holding Limited

and more..

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