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Event Sponsor: OnTeam Global x apex

Special thanks to our chapter President and all of our Australia Committee Members for all the hard work!!1. Amrit Rupa 📈 - Founder at Wall St Rank
2. Ruby Cheung - Director at Business Advisor at William Buck
3. Ella Zhang - Founder at Institute of Growing Capacity 
4. Zoran Lozevski - CEO and Managing Director at East Global Finance
5. Ivan Tchourilov - Chief Executive Officer at OpenMarkets Australia
6. Md Mizanur Rahaman (AWS, SAFe, NFVi, ITIL, PRINCE2, SQL) - CTO at Aus NewTechs
7. Bill Rooney - CEO at 6one5 Retail Consulting and Cultivar Group - The Retail & Sales Strategist
8. Hans Chang - Founder and CEO / CPO at FAB9 
9. Marco Zammarelli - Executive Director at Avaluglobal Investments Inc.
10. Stewart Chung  鍾健強 at Obsidian Property
11. Erica Xu - Director (Restructuring Advisory) at Grant Thornton Australia
12. Craig Baty - Principal at DataDriven 
13. Alice Chan - Co director at Luks investments
14. Aries Cheung MBA JP - Managing Director / Director of Asia Pacific at OnTeam Global 
15. Anthony Harrison - Chief Executive Officer at Twelve8 Technology PAKTOEARTH. SAFETOSHARE 
16. jaelemin Lemin  - Partner at Eversheds Sutherland
17. Christian Heine - Chief Tech Officer at PackMojo
18. Alan Fung - Managing Director at Viable Partners
19. Nicholas John K. - Co-founder at MetaSkys Inc. | Chief METAVERSE Officer Developer Dao King NFT
20. David Mo - Director at TCA Property Group
21. Ivan Kaye  - Chairman at BSI Group of Companies
22. Raymond C. - Head of Australia and New Zealand at Enfusion
23. Ravi Singh  - CEO and Partner at Kickin’inn Australia
24. Veena Singh   - Head of Finance at Kickin’inn Australia
25. Alessandro Marchi Head of Australia & NZ at Marcolin
26. Rachel Nguyen at National Australia Bank
27. Jessica King - Managing Director of JT King Finance
28. Marco Zammarelli  - Executive Director at Avaluglobal investments Inc.
29. Mohamed Samir  - Managing Director at Austvina Finance
30. Rina Uemura - CEO at Kizen
31. Rico Chow - Director and CFO of Best Success Capital Investment Co. Ltd.

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