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Intelligent Preparation of Disclosure Documents with AI & Technology
red By: ASIA CEO COMMUNITY X GLOBAL CEO COMMUNITY x Wisdom Investor Relations x Carbon Exchange (Hong Kong) Ltd. x Deep Translate


Venue Sponsor: Art of Nature Contemporary
Luck Draw Sponsor: GBA Finance and Commerce Association

Event Moderator

Emily.T.Y Cheung - Founder of and STW Innovation

Panel Speakers

1. Ringo Chan - Co-Founder at Wisdom IR
2. Howard Cheung - CTO, Carbon Exchange
3. Colin Hong - Co-Founder at Deep Translate

Attended Members and Guests

1. Thomas KT Wong - Director - Security Services Delivery and Operation at CITIC Telecom International CPC Limited
2. Dennis Sit - Barrister-at-Law at Chambers GreenWood
3. Wilson C Kwok - Managing Director at Wilson & Partners CPA Limited
4. Catherine Yu - Head Of Finance at Humansa
5. Eric Lai - CEO & Founder at Natural Health 365 (Hong Kong) Limited
6. Emily.T.Y Cheung - Founder of and STW Innovation
7. Wayne Chung - Co-Founder/CEO at GOFA
8. Gary M – COO at GOFA
9. Edward Li - Seniro Manager at Vialto
10. Chester Lo - Chief Executive Officer at Innovaders Limited
11. Eric Hui - Co-Founder at Bookaboo
12. Cindy Wong – CEO at Golden Age Foundation
13. Sarah Yu at SiS International Limited
14. Dennis Li - CFO at Stevenson, Wong & Co.
15. David Hu - GP and Investment Head at Cryptonite Capital
16. Kelly Chow - Chief Executive Officer at Chelsea Trading Company Limited
17. David Yim - Founder & Director at SeeWe
18. Victor Chan at EBSI Private
19. Richard Au - Chief Executive Officer at FOMOW3
20. Aaron Tse at Global Switch
21. Ringo Chan - Co-Founder at Wisdom IR
22. Howard Cheung - CTO, Carbon Exchange
23. Colin Hong - Co-Founder at Deep Translate
24. Allan Tsang - Chief Executive Officer and Lead Negotiation Consultant at 88 Owls
25. Dennis – Codetech Group
26. Johnny Chong – Founding Chairman at S.T.A.R.S Foundation
27. Andy Lam - CEO at Baron Corporation
28. Michael So - Tech3.0 Columnist at 香港01
29. Oscar Au – Vice President at BNP PARIBAS Wealth Management
30. Horace Ma - Chief Financial Officer at S. Culture Holdings (BVI) Limited
31. Jenny Tung - Director APAC at CIBT
32. Macy Yeung - Investor Relations Executive at Quam HK Ltd.
33. Sofia Xiao - Head of Syndicate ECM at Valuable Capital Limited
34. Terence Chong - Partner at Pattern Production Limited
35. Jeff Au - chief strategy officer at Incu-Lab / CoolJobz
36. Tin Ngan - Solution Specialist at Aspire
37. CY Yiu - Demand Generation Marketer
38. Tori Hu - Channel Parntership Lead at Aspire
39. Eve Chan at Aspire
and more.

Event Photo

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