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Guest List

Special Guest:

Abu Bakar Yusof - Deputy CEO at Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE)

Attended Committee Members:

1. Dato' Vimmy Yap - Chief Advisor at Start Now PLT

2. Captain Dato Howard Chew - Group Executive Chairman at CHESTER GROUP(PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT

3. William Du - Chief Executive Officer at Ingenious Fintech Sdn Bhd

Attended Members:

1. Abu Bakar Yusof - Deputy CEO at Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE)

2. Dato Subra Suppiah - Managing Director at Oxydata software sdn bhd

3. Datuk Alan See - Co-Founder and CEO at FIRMUS

4. Dato Ramesh Rajaratnam - Former EXECUTIVE CHAIRMAN at RR Advisory Services Sdn Bhd

5. Dato' Subra Suppiah - Managing Director at Oxydata Software

6. Dr Selina Chew - Founder at Medic Footprints Malaysia

7. Izzat Datuk Zainuddin - Chairman at Dig Capital Group

8. Agnes Wong - Managing Partner at Syarikat Ong Group of Companies

9. Datin Malliga Subramaniam - Founder at DEWI Wealth Accelerator Sdn Bhd

10. Dr. M.C. Sagiv Sreedaran - Director at Microdium Limited

11. Kelvinder Singh - Executive Trade & Investment at Invest Selangor

12. Tunku Rozita Malek - Managing Director at Amanahraya-Kenedix REIT Manager Sdn Bhd

13. Kevin Kalvinder Singh - Chief Operating Officer at Interlock Group


15. Yam Meng Leong - Managing Director Collectius CMS M Sdn Bhd | Chartered Banker (CB) | Certified HRDF Trainer

16. Kea Yong Chan - Founder at Midds Capital LLC

17. Simon Wong - GM at MRCA

18. Patrick Lee - Chair and Country Director at EGN Malaysia (Executives' Global Network)

19. Lipsin Yew - CEO & Founder at SRKK UK

20. Kumaresan Veerappan - Chairman of KS Vsion Global Sdn Bhd

21. Li Ken Chong - Managing Partner at Collexe Consulting

22. Keng Zhing Ng - Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) at KSK Land

23. Sunny Ooi - Founder and CEO of ClickAsia & Vice President at Internet Alliance Malaysia

24. Vincent Soh - CEO at MoneySave P2P Crowdfunding

25. Johnny Chow Hock Hin - Chief Sales & Marketing Officer at Lean Compass Sdn Bhd

26. Shawn Dass - Vice President Marketing at Interlock Group

27. Suresh Unnikrishnan - Global Partnerships Officer at LTT Global Communications Sdn Bhd

28. Tony Quah - CEO at CFO Consultancy (M) Sdn Bhd

29. Eric Chong - CEO at BoostBiz

30. Rodney Lee - Sr Vice President Business Development at FIRMUS

31. John Lim - Founder and CEO at Phoenix Capital Advisory Sdn Bhd

32. Abigail Lim - CEO & Director at MISHU HR & Training Sdn Bhd

33. Nisa Bakri - CEO at NJB INNARi Sdn Bhd

34. Janifer Yap Lee Queen - Founder & Ceo at Acorn Consulting Asia Sdn Bhd

35. Danesh Jothiprahasam - Head Domestic Digital Investment, Investment Development at MDEC

36. David Swinburne - Director Client Relationships at DIGITAL TOUCHSTONES MARKETING

37. Yein Shum - BD at Renoir Consulting

38. Dennis Akkerman MBA - Managing Director at Orbis Business School

39. Jo Mun - Founder of The Rainmakers

40. Abby Chee - Asia Pacific Regional Director at Allinial Global

41. Zaeem Chan - Regional Director-SEA at Aifa Research and Data Solutions

42. Joseph Chong - CEO at Acxtron

43. Yuki Aizawa 愛澤友己 - Co-Founder & Co-CEO at RINNE Technologies & Consulting | Women in Tech - Global movement Malaysia Chapter Country Director

44. Jasdeep Singh - Managing Director And Chief Executive Officer at Global Intellectual Development

45. Leong Weng Choong - CEO at Credit Bureau Malaysia

46. Pauline Goh - General Manager at Malaysian Recycling Alliance Berhad (MAREA)

47. Sam Yee Lee - Deputy President at Guangzhou Digital Creative industry Association of Southeast Asia

48. Hiromi Pua - Chief Business Officer at Archipelago Group of Companies

49. Heather Lee - Director at Rainbow Wellness Sdn Bhd

50. Charles Choong at Purple Bridge Sdn Bhd

51. Amaresh Panda at SRKay Consulting Group

52. Bilal Ahmad Bhat - Founder at Global Ghanaian Chamber | Founder at NEOCS (M) Sdn Bhd

and more..

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