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Asia CEO COMMUNITY - SPORTS DAY (Fencing) 2021

Thanks to all of the members who joined our sports day today. Special thanks to our steering committee member Albert Yip, MH, FCPA Aust., MSc(IS), BA(Hons) Chairperson at Syndicate Capital Group for helping us arranging for this event.

Members attended our Sports Day

  1. Chester Yue - Regional Head of Internal Audit Asia Pacific at Reinsurance Group of America, Incorporated

  2. Belinder Lee - Channel Development Specialist at US Tiger Securities, Inc.

  3. Steven Cheung - Group CEO at Seaplane Hong Kong

  4. Kelvin Chan - CEO at e-health

  5. Link

  6. Ben Sit - CEO at Luxe Universal

  7. Michelle Kwan - Committee members at GBA

  8. Samir Kumar - Member board of Advisors at Ecosystem

  9. Darron Sun - Head of information technology at HK housing Society

  10. Yolane Japhet - Senior Vice President, Head of Hong Kong, China at PANAMASIA Financial Services Limited

  11. Ken Chu - Co-Founder at imBee

  12. Peter I. - Chairman at Global AI Association

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