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We are happy to report to all of our members that our first face to face event in London since pandemic has completed successfully! Thank you so much to my good friend and our London Chapter President Quin SQ Thong for making this happen!!

Members attended our Sports Day

1. Mark Bentley-Leek - Chief Executive Officer at Invest Global
2. Dr Narisa Chauvidul-Aw - CEO & Founder of KogoPAY Group
3. Quin Sq Thong - AMT Managing Director & Diversity Equity Inclusion Steering Committee at Wilmington plc
4. Geoffrey Lam - Managing Director at Original Financial Group Limited
5. Waheed Qaiser - NED & Chairman London
6. Valyntina Norris - Chief Executive Officer at Casnor Ltd. and Casnor Supercar.
7. Valyntina’s friend
8. Florence
9. Samir Parekh- Founder & CEO at
10. Marc Perut 浦如馬克 (EU ACC member) - EU Committee Members at ASIA CEO COMMUNIT
11. Vanessa. - CEO at Julian Campbell Foundation
12. Joe Batchelor - Chief Investment Officer at Satsuma Capital
13. Mark Gretton - Advisory board member at Eggtronic
14. Gee Mann - Co-Founder at Qurious (Stealth Startup)
15. Ran Wei - Pay Perform
16. Amanda Mao - CEO at ToBuyFrom
17. Bev. Director of BTG Cardiology
18. Samera - owner of Alexandra & Spencer law firm
19. Juno - Managing Director at Glee Garment Co Lt
20. Shirley Lee - CFO at CEED
21. Rebecca Holding - CEO of RH-Consulting
22. Jeanette Seng - Co-founder at Mantle.Fund
23. Vivian Zhu - CO founder Thames Town
24. Jeffrey Altman - Senior Advisor at Finadvice AG
25. Lissa Landis - FD at carribean
26. Sarah - MD at Biz dev guru
27. Nayeem Sohal - Head of BD at Ronald Fletcher Baker
28. Caryn Toh 杜淑微 - Associate Solicitor at Ronald Fletcher Baker
29. Stephen Carrick-Davies CEO of Facework Group
30. Ian Gray

Event Photo

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