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Vietnam HCM Chapter Christmas Gathering Completed

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Thank you to all of our committee and members from our HCM Vietnam Chatper for supporting and attending our Christmas Party today. Hope you all enjoyed and wish you all a Merry Christmas!

Attended Committee Members - Vietnam (HCM) Chapter

1. Duc Dang - Managing Partner at Indochine Counsel / Panelist at National Arbitration Forum / Arbitrator at the SHIAC

2. Minh Nguyen - Country Lead at Allianz Partners

3. Lê Hồng Lĩnh - Founder and CEO of iContact and a member of the Board of Directors of POCD Consulting Corporation

4. Kenny Chiang - Managing Director, ACSI at Accentus Capital Partners Company Limited

5. Jason JT Turnbull - BOD & Corporate Advisory at Inspire Advisory Group

6. Kiet Nguyen - Country General Manager at TransAd Vietnam

7. Doron Shachar - CEO & Founder at Renova Cloud

8. Khue Dinh - Country President, Vietnam at Chubb

Attended Members

1. Chau Ngoc Nguyen - Country Director at 40HRS Viet Nam

2. Nguyen Ngor Toan - Founder and Chairman of Board at Fundoo

3. Nguyen Thi Dung - CEO at Ideainvestor

4. Daniel Nguyen - CEO & CO-Founder at M3TA

5. Nghi Nguyen - Owner of Binh Minh Company

6. Trang Nguyen - CEO at LeadTalent

7. Richard Nguyen - NFQ Asia

8. Tim Koo - Founder | Managing Partner at Normsun & Co

9. Barbara Ximenez Bruidegom - CEO at Shutta | 2021 Go Global Awards Winner | 2017 Women Icons

10. Cong Nguyen - Founder and CEO at SmartNet Tech Co., ltd

11. Xuan Nguyen - Senior Talent Consultant at ASW Consulting

12. Neo Nguyen - Head of Savills Private Office at Savills Vietnam

13. Mr Dream (Jordan) Tuấn Anh - MBA,Th.S - Deputy General Marketing Director at Vietnam Aviation Expo

14. Dr Jenny Tho Dao MBA, MSc, CFO - CEO & Founder at FICH Group - PharmaMed Vietnam & FICH Healthcare

15. Ms Hieu Phan - Chairwoman of Prime Capital

16. Hieu Nguyen - CEO of FiinGroup

17. Dao Nguyen - Dorothy (Ms.) - Payroll & Staffing Outsourcing Services Director at 40HRS.

18. Sharon Thao Nguyen, CAO - Institutional Sales at SSI - Institutional Brokerage

19. Dat (Jacques) Nguyen - Investment Banking at CDI Global M&A

20. Hoang (ホアング) Phan - Investment Banking at CDI Global M&A | Founder at HOA BIA FESTIVAL

21. ( Ken ) PHUC NGUYEN - Director of Business Development at Microbenefits/ Employees Engagement Solution Services

22. Tran Thi Thuy Hong - CEO at Nut Viet

23. Nguyễn Hướng Dương - Managing Director at ICI Law Firm

and more..

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