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Power of Knowledge Vol. 87 - Carbon Market Opportunities 


Powered By: ASIA CEO COMMUNITY X GLOBAL CEO COMMUNITY X PwC Mainland China and Hong Kong


Event Moderator:

Andy Law - ESG group at PwC

Panel Speakers:

1. Agnes K Y Tai, PhD 戴洁莹 - Chief EC.ESG Investment Strategist at BlueOnion | Director at Great Glory Investment Corporation

2. Andy SK Lam - CEO at Baron Corporation

3. Felix Chung - Founder & CEO of Hong Kong Carbon at Trading Centre Co, Ltd [香港碳貿易中心]

Attended Members (51 Members)

1. Guillaume Huet - Co-chair Fintech Committee & Councillor at French Chamber in Hong Kong | Co-Chair of Big Data & AI Committee at FinTech Association of Hong Kong

2. Yong BEH - Co-founder & Managing Director at V Ventures Ltd. (V V L)

3. Willa Chan - The Founding Principal at Willa Legal

4. Wilson C kwok - Chairman at LKKC CPA Limited | Managing Director at Fidelis Real Estate Financial Advisory Limited | Vice Chairman at IFTA (Institute of Financial Technologists of Asia)

5. Zhen Han - Founder at Hong Kong Qingcheng Investment Co., Limited

6. Elaine Wang - Director at Kwai Fung Hin Art Gallery

7. PRANAB KUMAR SARMAH - CEO at GreenAge Capital Limited

8. Alan Tam - CEO at Nobo Capital Management (Hong Kong) Limited

9. Sunaina Chand - Founder & CEO at VIVAZ LIMITED Fine Jewelry

10. Fifi law - Partner at B mortgage

11. Wilson Tong - China's Top 10 CFO(资本运营Corporate Finance)

12. Alex Cheung - Director at China PA Securities (Hong Kong) Company Limited

13. Alan Lui - Executive Director Senior Portfolio Manager at China Vered Asset Management

14. Jon Ane - Chairman of the board at Cherry pick group Ltd

15. Dion Leung - Managing Director at Sense of Touch

16. Danny Howell - Chief Executive Officer, Asia at Mikro Kapital Group

17. Samson Lui - General Manager at Chiho Environment Group

18. Prof. Rita Vyas Nagarkar - Founder and Director at Institute of Learning & Development, Hong Kong

19. Marcos Ong - Managing Director, Hong Kong and Macao at Avaya

20. Gideon Ho - ACF Group Ltd

21. Henry Mo - former Chief Information Officer, Top-ranked CIO at the IDG CIO50 list

22. Anushka Purohit - Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder at StayK | Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder at Breer

23. Howard Ng - Chief Executive Officer at Maxcess Capital Limited

24. Andy Chan - Co-Founder and CEO at Think ESG

25. Carlo Chan - Go-Global Solutions, Consulting Director at BIPO SERVICE GLOBAL

26.Geeseok Oh - Executive Director at Vanguard (HK) Koera Business

27. Dan Weil - CEO at New Navigator Group

28. Irene Chau at Axiom APAC

29. Barry Tong - Managing Director at Grant Thornton

30. Pyral Yu at Axiom APAC

31. Herbert Siu - Co-founder at QuokkaHR

32. William Yuen - Head of Market Intelligence at BlueOnion

33. Nikhil Nagarkar - CEO at Fictional Reality

34. Ken Chan at Swivel Software

35. Angela Ho - Managing Director at DNA Recruit Partners Limited

36. Julianna Lam - Director at BlueOnion

37. Clinton Pang - Senior Manager at PwC

38. Vishwas Thakkar - Founder and Head of Digital Strategy at Concinnity

39. Steven Horton - Founder & CEO at Enjoi Ltd

40. David Streatfield - David Streatfield at VDX Group Ltd

41. Aarib Ng - Tech Genius Global Pte Ltd

42. Jeffrey Au - Partner at Incu-Lab

43. Jack Ng - Director of Marketing and Communications at HKU

44. Jimmy Fung - Director at Far East Horizon Capital Limited

45. Chiu Man Wai - Director at Abridge Enterprises Company Ltd

46. Eleanor Mak - Director at Astra Nubes Capital

47. Michael Cheng - Partner at PwC

48. Agnes K Y Tai, PhD 戴洁莹 - Chief EC.ESG Investment Strategist at BlueOnion | Director at Great Glory Investment Corporation

49. Andy SK Lam - CEO at Baron Corporation

50. Felix Chung 鍾國斌 - Founder & CEO of Hong Kong Carbon at Trading Centre Co, Ltd [香港碳貿易中心] | Member of Carbon Market Opportunities Working Group of Financial Services Development Council (FSDC)

51. Andy Law - ESG group at PwC

and more...

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