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Event Sponsors: AAStocks 阿思達克財經網 eCargo Group (ASX:ECG), The Executive Centre, Instarem , LKKC CPA Limited, Dometic, XIIX, KoiZai Limited, Pyrmont Wealth Management Limited, S. Culture, HKMC, Elegance Financial Communications Limited

Guest List

1. Amir Lati - Consul General of Israel to Hong Kong and Macao SAR
2. Lawrence Lun - Chief Executive Officer at eCargo Holdings Limited (ASX:ECG) 嘉宏電商企業
3. Phoebe Chan - Deputy CEO at AASTOCKS
4. Chialing Hsueh - President, Asia Pacific at Dometic Group
5. Ivy Lun - Head of North Asia at NIUM
6. Donald Soo - CEO and Founder of Pyrmont Wealth Management Limited and KoiZai Limited
7. Wilson C. Kwok MA(Hons), CA, FCPA (Practising), CTA, CFP, CFT - Chairman at LKKC CPA Limited | Managing 8. Director at Fidelis Real Estate Financial Advisory Limited | Vice Chairman at IFTA
9. Xyras To - Chairman of the Board at CECES | 幼聯
10. Cherrie Lau - Regional Head at The Executive Centre
11. Alexander May - CEO at LynxCap Investments Asia Limited
12. Johnson Chng 庄瑞豪 - Senior Partner | Asia Pacific at Oliver Wyman
13. Theresa Chan - Partner at Vialto Partners
14. Chris Chan - Partner at ZB Capital
15. Dicky Lau - Managing Director at Powerhouse Technologies Limited
16. Emily Cheung - Founder & CEO at STW Innovation Company Limited
17. Kathy Man - Managing Director at VAT IT Reclaim and Playroll
18. Katherine Cheung - Partner at DORSEY & WHITNEY
19. Dom Rohrmoser - Managing Director Hong Kong & Southern China at Rhenus Logistics
20. Michael Kwong - CEO at Magnetar Asia Limited
21. Mimi Ho - Executive Director at The Global Private Search
22. Ada Wai Shan Ng - Chief Relationship Officer at CONE MARSHALL HK LIMITED
23. Joanna Chan - Director, Senior Private Banker at Citi Private Bank
24. JB Deal - Founder & Managing Director at AvantAgents
25. James Ho - Chief Executive Officer at Linpons Company Limited
26. Dennis Lui - Partner in Hong Kong Executive Search Shanghai Office
27. Maggie Ma - Startup Performance Strategist at Autopilot Leadership Lab
28. Angelina Yu - Director at VP Bank
29. Irvin Tse - ASIA CEO COMMUNITY Honorary Advisor
30. Colin Sze - Group CEO at Freestar Trading and Academie Liberalite
31. Peter Chan - Assurance Partner at Ernst & Young (EY), EY Hong Kong TMT Assurance Leader
32. Peter Ho - Managing Director Greater Asia Squadron
33. Ben Capll - Managing Director at Becap Consulting
34. Mariana Lam - Founder at Wineworld Xplorer limited
35. Edan Lee - Managing Director at Olympus Capital Asia
36. Dr. Kenneth Yu - Chairman SKY1 Technology
37. Bruce Ching - IT Director at SAE Magnetics
38. Bina Gupta - Founder & Chief Executive at Innovation Hong Kong
39. Richard Au - CEO at Healthy Loved Ones Ltd
40. Belinder Lee - CEO at gtech consultants ltd
41. Albert Yip - Chairman at Syndicate Capital Group
43. Patt Yuen - Co-Founder & COO at Elegance Financial Communications Limited
44. Adam Chiu - Partner at Vialto Partners
45. Hanson Wong PhD, CFA, FRM - Chief Executive Officer at Belos Capital (Asia) Limited
46. Larraine Chang - Founder and CEO at Ascension Associates
47. Daniel Fong - Chief Executive Officer at SKYWORK - Scent Marketing Strategies
48. Christopher Lee - Co-founder & CEO at Metalypmics
49. Andy Lam - CEO at Baron Corporation
50. Vincent Mok - CEO & Director, APAC at Hartley McMaster
51. Garkay Wong at AnalogFolk
52. Tim Koo - Founder | Managing Partner at Normsun & Co
53. Amanda Lim - Director at ACH Worldwide Limited
54. Ray Rudowski - Managing Director & Founder at Epic Communications Limited
55. Herbert Siu MBA, CFA, CPA - Co-Founder & CEO at QuokkaHR
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