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POWER OF KNOWLEDGE - Ask Other Leaders Event (16th May, 2018)

Guest Speakers

** Rina Neoh - Managing Partner Platform E, Angel Investor, Venture Capitalist, Entrepreneur


Rina has more than 20 years of experience in both the corporate and entrepreneurial world. With a solid foundation in BS Computer Science and a keen business sense acquired through an overseas MBA, Rina has delivered multi-million dollar returns from small business enterprises, which she has incubated, coached, invested in or promoted.

Rina’s years of investing experience has taught her many things, not the least of which is that the ability to work with someone is paramount. Relationships matter and investing for her and her team is about building a long term working relationship with Founders.

** Richard Ho  – CEO at China Machine E plaza Corporation

Attended Members

1. Belinda Wong - Director at Leader Corporate Services Ltd

2. Colin Sze - Freestar Trading Ltd

3.Per Vorbeck Thomsen - CEO & Owner at Lion Rock Ltd

4. Frid Razalee - CEO at baracca far Dubai

5. Daniel Fong - CEO at Skywork

6. Ivan Yong - Co-Founder at Nanyang Angelz Ltd

7. Manson Lee - Director at GF Securities

8. Thomas Jackson - Co-Founder at Bayes Digital Solutions

9. Victor Yankovsky - Director at Stenn International

10. Anthony Bowers - Founder at Tallant Asia

11. Benson Lau - Marketing Director at Zencode Technologies

12. Charles Yip - Group Treasurer at HKSA Holdings Ltd (1001.HK)
13. Parisa Chan - VP at MiLOC Group Ltd
14. Derrick Tan - Director at GF Securities
15. Sam LEE - Co-Founder at Nanyang Angelz Ltd
16. Renee Cheng - China Telecom Global Ltd
17. Patrick Wong FHKIoD CMC - Managing Director at WSH Capital Ltd
18. Raj Manik - Aon HK Ltd
19. Subharansh Rai - Advisory Member at AQUAOIN
20. Dr. Kenneth Yu - Executive Director at SKY1 Technology Ltd.
21. Eric Poon - MD at Nexsoft technology 
22. Horace Ma - CFO at S culture

Event Testimonials:

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