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 CEO & Founder
Hazel herrington

Hazel herrington

CEO & Founder

Herrington Publications Worldwide

Hazel Herrington is a globally acclaimed women's empowerment champion, award-winning board advisor, consultant, publisher, celebrity interviewer, speaker branding expert, and project management champion. Recently, she was honoured with the Chairman's Award from the Global Chamber of Business Leaders, the Top 100 Most Successful Women in the World Award, and the Global Exemplary Leadership Award 2021. Hazel currently serves as the G100 Australia Country Chair for Brand Creation and Marketing.
As a three-time Amazon best-selling author and acclaimed author, Hazel is passionate about sharing her insights and expertise with others. Her books have inspired and empowered readers across the globe, and she is recognised as an authority on publishing, branding, and women empowerment. Her recently launched book, Lady Diversity Power, highlights the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace and beyond.
Hazel is a sought-after consultant who has helped countless entrepreneurs and businesses achieve their goals. Her unique combination of expertise in publishing, marketing, branding, and project management has made her an invaluable asset to organisations worldwide.
Hazel is the founder of Herrington Publications Worldwide, a premier publishing company that specialises in producing high quality magazines. As the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of I Am Woman Global, Woman Politico Power, Lady Global Power, Lady Speaker Power, and Business Man Power, Hazel is dedicated to providing a platform for individuals to share their stories and showcase their talents.
Global Awards & Accolades
*G100 Mission Million - Australia Country Chair - Brand Creation & Marketing.
*Top 100 Most Successful Women In The World Award 2021 Bahrain Women Entrepreneurs Club.
*Exemplary Leadership Award by Certifyme 2021.
*World Greatness Honorary Award - World Greatness University.
*Pan African Thrive Award by JB Dondolo.
*Global Entrepreneurship & Community Honorary Award - Zim Achievers.
*Gold Coast Australia Woman of the year Nominee by Harvey Norman.
*Top 100 Women of Influence Nominee by the Australian Financial Review.

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