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ASIA CEO COMMUNITY - Chinese New Year Luncheon 2018

Guest Speaker

1. Ms Judy Zhu - the Chief Representative of the Hong Kong Representative Office of Zhuhai 
2. Frid Razalee - CEO at CEO baracca far Dubai

Attended Members

1. Peter Kwan - Chief Operating Officer at Big Data Architect Ltd
2. sam lau - Founder of Total Loyalty Company
3. Belinda Wong - Director of Leader Corporate Services Limited and author of 'HK Company Secretary Checklist'
4. William Kong - Partner at Wilson Kong & Company
5. Dr. Raymond Tung - CEO at Sound Performance Training and Consultant Company
6. Gilbert Tam - Senior Business Partner, Head of Strategic Projects at Velotrade 
7. Bob Hinkel - COO at Husky Energy
8. Charles Yip – Group Treasurer at Hong Kong Shanghai Alliance Holdings Ltd
9. Anthony Yeung - MD & RO at Apastron Capital Limited 
10. Dr. Kenneth Yeung - Executive Director at Sky1 Technoloigy Ltd
11. Antonio Tinto - Principal Consultant at Capco
12. Gary Lam - Asia CEO Community 

14. Irvin Tse - Scanwell Logistics
15. Fletcher Ng - Board of directors Invotech Hong Kong Limited
16. Raymond Lam - CEO at Link World Hong Kong Group Limited
17. Canio Pang – Audit Partner at ZHONGHUI ANDA CPA Limited
18. Dr. Stephen Ho – Chairman at MacGregor
19. Daniel Wong – Founder & CEO at Eco-Park Holdings Ltd
20. Dennis Shi – Co-Founder at Mezzofy (Hong Kong) Limited
21. Sakuragi Dan - CMO ,CEO and Scent Marketing Specialist at Skywork Design Ltd & Skywork International
22. polly chan – Smartime Matching
23. Chloe Chan – COO at Pins Asset Management (Asia) Ltd
24. Wilson - Director, CFO at Hong Kong listed Energy company, 2017 中国十大资本运营 Top 10 CFO

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