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Monthly meetings accessed exclusively by ASIA CEO COMMUNITY Members. Participation is limited to a maximum of 24, in order to facilitate open discussions among all attendants.


Guest Speaker

1. Alvin Lam - Managing Partner at T12M Ventures Ltd, Founder at 18 Hall Ltd (

2. Thomas Hung - Regional Director at Epicor Software

Attended Members

​Table 1 

  1. Derek Kenny - Partner at Cornerstone Global Partners

  2. Benson Lau - Director at zencode

  3. Vincent Tang – Regional Vice President, Asia at Epicor Software

  4. Sam Lee – Co-Founder at A Gift of Genus Limited

  5. Belinda Wong - Director of Leader Corporate Services Limited

  6. Daniel wong - CEO at Eco-Park Holdings Ltd

  7. Bina Gupta - Chief Executive, BG Business Communication Ltd 

  8. Richard Au – Founder & CEO at Healthy Loved Ones

  9. Colin Sze - Freestar Trading Limited Senior Advisor, Incubation and Investment

  10. Angus Chu - Country Manager at North Asia at BPC Banking Technologies

  11. Kaki Law - Founder at LapspaceX Limited

12. Richard Ho – CEO at China Machine Investment Corporation

Table 2

1. Daniel Fong - CEO at Skywork International
2. Dr. Stephen Ho - Owner Macgregor education 
3. Simon Mak - CEO at Ascent Partners Group Limited 
4. Sam lau - Founder & Managing Director at Total Loyalty Company
5. Chloe Chan - COO at Pins Asset Management (Asia) Ltd
6. Peter Chan - Partner at Ernst & Young (EY)
7. Jacob Wu – CEO at Brain Investing Limited

8. Charles Yip – Group Treasurer at Hong Kong Shanghai Alliance Holding Ltd (1001.HK)

9. Thomas Hung – Regional Director at Epicor Software

10. Patrick Wong – Non Executive Director at Huscoke Resources Holdings Ltd (0704.HK)

11. Alvin Lam – Managing Partner at T12M Ventures Ltd

12. Yasunori Naito - Regional Head of SPEEDA Asia

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