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Attended Members

1. Teddy Liu – GM at New World Development Company Ltd. (0017)

2. Dr Samson Chan - founding partner of Stanley & Partners.

3. David Parker - Chief Executive Officer of ENM Holdings Ltd (Stock Code: 128)

4. Rina Neoh - Board of Directors at Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation

5. Roger Collantes - Senator at World Business Angels Investment Forum

6. Vivien Yu – Deputy President of Financial Services Industry at Young Professionals Alliance

7. Wilson Kwok – Managing Director at LKKC CPA Limited

8. Dr Markus Patrick Chan - CEO at iTalent.Asia Group Pte Ltd

9. Simon Mak - Founder of Ascent Partners | CEO and Vice-Chairm of Friends of the Earth (HK) | President of Lions Club of Hong Kong IFC

10. Boris C. M. Lo - Charter Vice President and Secretary General at 上海市徐匯海聯誼會香港分會

11. Calvin Lim - Group Finance & Administration Director at Amazon Papyrus Chemicals Limited

12. Reginald Addae - Director of Marketing and Special Programs at Jumpstart Media 

13. Irvin Tse - Scanwell logistics hong kong

14. Henry Kwong - Partner at Cheng & Cheng

15. Jacqueline Tellier - Managing Director Inward Investment at Business France

16. Robert Chan – Executive Director at The Lifestyle Group Ltd

17. Fletcher Ng – Advisor at Entrepreneur Committee Advisory Group (ECAG)

18. Dr Don Kan – Former CEO at China Financial Services Holdings Ltd

19. Patrick Wong – Managing Director at WSH Capital

20. Wilson Tong - CFO at GoSource Group Ltd

21.  Anthony Yau - President at GuangDong-HongKong-Macau (Shanxi) Trade Promotion Association山西省第十屆政協委員 (首位獲選任山西省青年聯合會副主席的港人)

22. Sandra Chan - CEO at WorkTech

23. Natalie Natalie - Managing Director at Sino Trade Group International

24. Richard Grasby - Founder at RDG Fiduciary Services Limited

25. Stephen Ho - Partners at Austen Capital Partners

26. Roy Fung - CEO at ProSage Sustainability Development Limited

27. Sam lau - Founder and CEO at Total Loyalty Company

28. Benjamin Quinlan - CEO and Managing Partner at Quinlan & Associates

29. Dr Ngan - CEO at Global Digital Learning Solution

30. Benson Lau - Director and co-founder at Zencode Group

31. John lee - Assistant Manager at Autopilot Leadership Lab at LKK Health Products Group Ltd.

32. Matthew Man - President & CEO at Megasoft limited

33. Alexis wong Founder and CEO at MobiJuce

34. Rohit Nayar - CEO at Cross Border Ventures Limited

35. Kathy Man - Managing Director at VAT IT (Hong Kong) Limited

36. Anthony Yeung - VAT IT (Hong Kong) Limited

37. Anthony Bowers - Founder at Tallant Asia

38. Sherman Ma - Wechat biz

39. Wilson Ma – Former Finance Business Director at Konica Minolta (HK/Macau)

40. Dr Raymond – Founder and CEO at RT3s

41. Ada Wang - Shenzhen Jinyu Global Industrial Co., Ltd

42. kelvin chan - CSO at eHealth Channel

43. Wallace Pang - CEO at LSM Medical Services Ltd

44. Liesbeth Linden - Leadership Coach & Corporate Trainer at GLTD Ltd.

45. Charles Levy - CSO at Healthy Loved Ones

46. Mario Giangrande - CEO at CryptAM Services Ltd

47. Raymond fung - Executive Director, Capital Markets, JLL

48. Harry Chainani - Investment Director at Urbanchain Group Ltd

49. Ken Yeung - Vice President at BAC Oversea Chinese Enterprise Association

50. Julius chin - MD at Cachet Group

51. Richard Au - Founder at HealthyLovedOnes

52. Sandor Weyers - Founder at Sandor Weyers Elite Executive Coaching with Purpose

53. Wilson Cheung - Director at Deloitte

54. Chris Wong - Executive Director at M Power International Ltd & Manly-Tech Engineering Ltd

55. Milly Lok - MCG insurance Broker Services Ltd

56. Julius Everett - Project Manager at Sleek

57. Patrick Pender - Ceo at wow intl

58. Ben Caprll - Managing Director at BeCap

59. Anna Cheung - VP at Hua Liang Financial Holding Limited

60. Dr Larry, PhD - Vice Chairman at KTWDC

61. Soundari Mukherjea - Founder at Tvameva Solutions Overseas Limited

62. Bina Gupta - Founder and CEO at Innovation Hong Kong

63. Ezzwanee Ahmad - Trade Commissioner at Consulate General of Malaysia - Trade Section MATRADE Hong Kong

64. Shell Teoh - Founder at  SPT Physiotherapist and Sports Clinic

65. Waiva Oshiya - Wow International

66. Parul bhandari - Founder and Director at Cresta Consulting Co

67. Paul milone - Director at NBConsult Asia

68. Joanna Tong at Autopilot Leadership Lab at LKK Health Products Group Ltd.

69. Smruti Ranjan - Director at Conlis Technology Pvt. Ltd.

70. Shailesh Singh - Director at Eximworx Pte Ltd

71. Charles Beddow - Kickstart Professional Services

72. Jeffery au - Partner at Incu-Lab

73. Tonio Shum - CEO at HKGoodJobs

74. Franky Fung - Partners at Sun Lawyers Hong Kong

75. Colin Sze - Founder and CEO at Freestar Trading Limited

76. Amber li - Corporate Finance Director at Euto Capital Partners Limtied

77. Fandy tong - General Manager at WPG Corporate & Secretarial Services Limited

78. Peter Lewis - Global Financial Services Thought Leader & Host of “Money Talk” the 2nd Most Listened to English Programme in Hong Kong

79. Bharat Nangia - Director at Aspire Overseas Limited

80. John Pun - CEO at Pacific Ocean China logistics Group

81. Virgina Hui - Managing Director at V A Hui & Co Limited

82. Ruby L. - Managing Director at BlockMap Corporation

83. Jason Berg

84. Michael Wong – MaiCapital

85. Rock Leung – Director at LKKC CPA Limited

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