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Hong Kong & Singapore CEOs Event 2018

Happy to meet our Singapore frds in Hong Kong. Looking forward meeting you guys again next time in Singapore 
Guests List:
1. Kim Min Soo, Ambrasia, CEO (Private equity / IB)
2. Victor Yankovsky , APAC Director, Stenn Capital (non bank lending)
3. Alan Lee, Senior Advisor, FundPark (Commodity finance and fintech trade platform)
4. Anson Suen ceo FundPark (fintech trade platform)
5. Gary Lee, HSBC, VP,Prime Brokerage ,
6. Richard Burton, CEO Magellan Advisors (VC, Angel, Tech, Advisory)
7. Christine Chen - Head of institutional sales at AMTD
8. Caesar Chan - MD at Honeybee capital consulting limited
9. Belinda Wong - director at leader corporate limited
10. Canio Pang - audit partner at zhong Hui anda CPA limited
11. Allen Lim former Cfo at mirama group
12. Kelvin Tan - Co-founder and Chief Investment Officer at GTR ventures
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