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POWER OF KNOWLEDGE - Ask Other Leaders Event (29th June, 2018)

Guest Speakers

1. Maurice Healy - CEO at The Healy Group

**About Mr Healy
Maurice Healy is the CEO of the Healy Group, as well as co-investor in the seed fund of the Skibbereen-based Ludgate Hub. Mr Healy is a well-known businessman and philanthropist in Ireland. In 1985, he setup the Healy Group, a food ingredients & chemicals distributor with turnover of about 100 million Euro per annum. Healy Group is now operating in Ireland, UK, Shanghai, The Netherlands, and Uganda.

2. Peter Ryan - Ireland’s Consul General to HK & Macau

Event Sponsor

Attended Members

1. Donald Soo - Group CEO & Founder at Malabar AI Ltd
2. Wong Don - Executive Director at Pan Asian Mortgage Advisory Company Ltd
3. Anson Suen Wai Loi - CEO & Co-Founder at FundPark
4. Benson Lau - Marketing Director at Zencode Technologies
5. Eric Poon - MD at Nexsoft Technology Ltd
6. Parisa Chan Chan - MiLOC Group Limited
7. Raj Manik - Aon Hong Kong
8. Dennis Shii - Mezzofy (HK) Ltd
9. Soundari Mukherjea - Co-founder & Director at TSol
10. Victor Yankovsky - Director at Stenn International
11. Dr Ken - CEO at SKY1 Technology Ltd

12. Irvin Tse - Deputy General Manager of Project at Shenzhen Financial Chamber of Commerce
13. Derek Kenny - Partner at Cornerstone Global 
14. Greg Reeve - CEO at Jinfu Finance
15. Dr. KK Chan - CEO at HKPX
16. Ho Ping Kei - CEO at James Hall & Co. Ltd.
17. Chan Casey Long Tung - Director at Vegewisdom Holdings 
18. Colin Sze - Senior Advisor at Freestar Trading Limited 
19. Lynn Lee- CEO at Swiss Vanquest
20. Dr. Stephen Ho - Owner of International Freight Forwarding and Logistics Company
21. Gordon Chiu - Director at henyep capital group

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