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Dr. Hoffman Ma

Deputy Chairman at Success Universe Group Limited

Leadership Philosophy

Communication is critical for building executing strategy and alignment. In order to achieve operational and  organizational excellence we must be true to each other and ourselves

Asia CEO Community

ACC: Can you tell us about Success Universe Group limited?

HM: Success Universe Group have three main branch of operations.
1. Success Universe Group Limited a listed company (487) with travel (Jade Travel), gaming (Ponte 16), and property investments.
2. Success Finance Group a non listed group with securities brokerage, asset management, corporate finance, and money lending operation.
3. Success Universe Property Development Limited, a non listed arm operating in property development in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Japan, and Canada

ACC: Who are your role models or mentors?

HM: I have many role models and mentors, some of them could be my partners, team members, customers, investors, and friends. However, I cannot give out their names, as some of them might not want to be disclosed. I guess what I can say is mentors and role models are important for business leaders, especially in 21st century. We have so many new technologies, and it is nearly impossible for one person to know them all. Therefore, it is a good idea to have a mentor to ask questions and get advice. Especially, if your company is looking for investing in new technologies such as Blockchain and AI.

ACC: How do you keep your employees keen and motivated? 

HM: In order to keep my employees keen and motivated, I believe the key is open communication. In fact, open communication part of our company culture. We encourage our employees to share their concerns and ideas, both negative and positive. It not only have a positive impact on employee motivation, but they also improve employee loyalty and happiness, because effective communications contribute to employees feeling trusted and respected. The more open a leadership team is in sharing their vision for the company, the more likely each employee will understand their role in the greater engage and mission to make success happen as part of the team. 

ACC: What is your philosophy in management?

HM: My management philosophy is Open Communication. Communication is critical for building executing strategy and alignment. Also, in order to achieve operational and organizational excellence we must motivate everyone to contribute creative ideas, willing to step up to make hard choices, setting more critical paths for all projects, and establish scientific assessments. With a tight communication. Business leaders need to understand that the art of two-way communication is imperative in order to be effective. Not only does an great leader need to be good at speaking, they also have to be good at listening to feedback, ideas, opinions, and constructive criticism, responding accordingly to meet the desired outcome.

ACC: What is the biggest risk you've ever taken?

HM: Growing businesses face a range of challenges and risks, we face a lot of risks everyday. It is the leader’s responsibility and job to manage risk effectively. To overcome these challenges and risks, you must understand the business you are invested in, and regular review the progress of the business. The more you know and understand about your business, the more advantages and protections you will have for your business. Regular business review is also important, as it will show where things are on track and where adjustments might be needed. We have a very good risk management strategy in place, and it helps us to understand our investment's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

ACC: How do you keep the company with sustainable growth & stay competitive in the market?

HM: ​As a business leader, I face myriad decisions every day: What strategies should we use to exceed our customers’ expectations? How can my company be more efficient? Can we predict what our market will do? To answer these questions, I relied on “scientific” studies and “statistical significance” to determine what information could be trusted. For example, by collecting and analyzing big data on customer behavior, we could design and provide more attractive and competitive products and services to our customers. Therefore, Scientific studies and statistical significance are the key to help me to make informed decisions that drive the company forward, stay competitive, increase profits and improve efficiency. 

ACC: Thank you Hoffman! The interview was fun and hope to see you back on ASIA CEO COMMUNITY soon!

About Dr. Hoffman Ma

Mr. Joseph Lee

A highly successful and award-winning business leader, the President & CEO of Cityline (Hong Kong and Macau) Limited. He has been very successful in transforming the company from a local movie centric e-ticketing company to a multi-dimensional full ticketing service and payment technology company with customers from China, Hong Kong and Macau.

Dr. Hoffman Ma

Dr. Ma Ho Man, Hoffman is an executive director of Success Universe Group and the Deputy Chairman of the Board as well as a director of the subsidiaries of the Company. 

Dr. Ma is presently a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (the "CPPCC") and a Standing Committee member of the CPPCC Chongqing Committee. Dr. Ma was awarded Fellowship by Canadian Chartered Institute of Business Administration and Honorary Doctorate of Management by Lincoln University in 2009 and 2010 respectively.


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