Interview with Vivien Yu, Charter President at Shanghai Xuhui Chinese Overseas 

Friendship Association

By Gary Lam

Post on 09/06/2017


CEO's Message

We are committed to promote the collaboration on economics, trades, technology, and cultural between Hong Kong and Shanghai

About Vivien

Vivien Yu

Charter President

Shanghai Xuhui Chinese Overseas Friendship Association

Asia CEO Community

ACC: Please tell us about the Shanghai Xuhui Chinese Overseas Friendship Association and the services you offer?

VY: Shanghai Xuhui Chinese Overseas Friendship Association (Hong Kong) "SXCWFA(HK)' is a non-profit organisation established  in 2016, SXCWFA(HK) is a member of Shanghai Xuhui Chinese Overseas Friendship Association. We are committed to promote the collaboration on economics, trades, technology, and cultural between Hong Kong and Shanghai.  We act as a communication channel for contacts and liaison with relevant regulatory bodies, commercial, industrial associations, and other organisations.

ACC: How do you keep the company with sustainable growth & stay competitive in the market?

VY: With the "One Belt One Road" Initiatives, we  would like to gather the power of professionals and executives from all walks of life to play a role in promoting exchanges between Hong Kong & Shanghai, and to deepen the understanding of our motherland.

ACC: How do you connect people in Hong Kong and Shanghai Xuhui through this Association?

VY: Our ability, capability together with word of mouth, these three components draw people together and make connection possible.  We organise a number of delegations to Shanghai to foster collaboration between the two places in promoting economics and enhancing Hong Kong's position as a regional hub.   We reach out to our members and understand what business they are in, what kind of assistance we can provide to them, and most importantly we encourage them to reach out for us if they need any help.  We are currently assisting one of our members on setting up a Hong Kong Pavillion for startups in Shanghai Caohejing (漕河涇)International Incubation Park.  

ACC: What is the Association's direction in coming 3 years?

VY: We hope the number of members can reach 2000 people. We will continue to promote communication and co-operation amongst our members for better economic development, to provide exchange platform for  people from HK & Mainland China, widening their scope and expand on world perspective. 

ACC: What kind of events and activities do you offer to your members?

VY: One signature annual forum + 7 other activities throughout the years

- Annual Forum

- monthly gathering 

- delegations 

- Seminars

- Company Visit

- Charity events

- Dialogue sessions

- Family gatherings  (BBQ, art jamming, and hiking )

Mr. Joseph Lee

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Ms. Vivien Yu

A highly successful business leader, the Charter President at Shanghai Xuhui Chinese Overseas Friendship Association. She has been very successful in connecting professionals from different industries together to share experiences and expertise

ACC: Is the Association connected to any other group in China at the moment?

VY: As a member of Shanghai Xuhui Friendship Association, we are able to reach out numerous societies, associations, and organisations across China.  

ACC: How do people register for membership? Any Membership fee?

VY: Hong Kong residents who share the same vision with us are welcome to join us, there is no membership fee to join.  

ACC: Thank you Vivien! Hope to see you back on ASIA CEO COMMUNITY soon!


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