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Founder & Creative Director
Lashai Ben Salmi (aka Shai)

Lashai Ben Salmi (aka Shai)

Founder & Creative Director

Hallyu Con

Lashai Ben Salmi (aka Shai) is a multi-award winning author of over 5 books, founder of the government award winning platform Hallyu Con, public speaker (as heard on the BBC series, KPOP: A Stan Story, where she was featured as an expert), cultural connectivity advocate and creative director. Her mission is to empower and inspire as many people as possible to turn their dreams into a reality.
She has been a part of the business, entertainment and personal development world since the age of 11 and has cultivated a dedicated audience of over 60,000 people and 11,000,000 views.
She has spoken on International stages to tens of thousands and at prestigious venues such as The House Of Parliament, Samsung KX, Virgin Money and Mercedes-Benz World to name a few.
Lashai is committed to empowering others to follow their dreams.
She has over 7 books and published her first book at 11 years old alongside her anti-bullying app.
In December 2021 Shai was also appointed and recognised as a 'Korean Cultural Centre UK Distinguished Korean Wave Representative' and was also given an award presented by the first lady of South Korea due to her immense contribution to the promotion of Hallyu. She has also been featured in many major Korean and international news platforms.
Her signature topics include: Social Media, Travel, Self Belief, K-POP, Entertainment / K-Entertainment, Music, Beauty, Connection, Inspiration and Motivation.


Lashai Ben Salmi (aka Shai)

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