Interview with Canio Pang, Audit Partner at ZHONGHUI ANDA CPA Limited

By Gary Lam

Post on 10/12/2017


Canio Pang

Audit Partner at ZHONGHUI ANDA CPA Limited

Leadership Philosophy

Openness and honesty via timely and seamless communication make for the best working relationships and efficiency among co-workers and team members

Asia CEO Community

ACC: Please tell us about the company and the services you offer?

CP:  ZHONGHUI ANDA CPA Limited, is (the sole Hong Kong member firm of ZHONGHUI Certified Public Accountants Co., Ltd. found in the People's Republic of China ), is a full-service professional services firm mainly covering (i) statutory financial statements audits for both listed and private companies; (ii) assurance services in relation to merger and acquisitions, business sales and initial public offerings; and (iii) internal control system and financial due diligence reviews or other agreed-upon procedures specializing on projects associated with corporate restructuring and fund raising activities in the Hong Kong and the Mainland China capital markets.

ACC: Could you share with us how do you achieve today’s success? 

CP: As I recall from my experience, it is quite important to constantly re-challenge and stretch myself, and to stay in a workplace where I feel ever enriching myself for continuous experience and exposure advancement.  I have aimed to equipped myself with problem solving attributes from proactively taking new challenges so that enable me to deal with even more and more other ever-changing environment and challenges ahead.  This is an endless cycle which creates excellent opportunities for each one who is determined to pursue growth in personal and professional achievement.

ACC: What is your philosophy in management? 

CP: I believe that openness and honesty via timely and seamless communication make for the best working relationships and efficiency among co-workers and team members because that would create a trustful, faithful and harmonious atmosphere in the modern and humanized workplace to provide sincere and customized professional services to our clients.

ACC: How would you describe your leadership style?

CP: I usually encourage myself and my team to think outside the traditional box and be more innovative to explore new solution-oriented ways to work smarter from time to time.  I have tried to interact and foster everyone having fresh mind, enjoyment and curiosity at work with goal alignment as a team to develop a leadership style ending up with a win-win situation for everyone.

ACC: What is the company’s direction in coming 3 years?

CP: The scale and business of our firm have been expanding promisingly in the past 5 years (Growth with approximately 5 times in number of our staff and annual audit Hong Kong listed clients).  Based in Hong Kong with strong support by our member and affiliated firms in various locations, we hope to develop more presence in serving our cross-border clients in the Greater China, Asia Pacific regions and United States.   

ACC: Thank you Canio! The interview was fun and hope to see you back on ASIA CEO COMMUNITY soon!

About Canio

Mr. Canio Pang

A Very successful business leader, Canio Pang is the Audit Partner of ZHONGHUI ANDA CPA Limited (“ZHONGHUI ANDA”).  Prior to joining ZHONGHUI ANDA, he had worked in one of the Big4 international accounting firm, Ernst & Young, over 8 years.


Canio has maintained seamless working relationship with other seasoned professional team including financial advisors, lawyers, valuers and tax advisors. Canio also has extensive cross border business connection with project investors, entrepreneurs and management team from various industries.


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